Electronics and Communication Engineering


The ECE dept. was established in the academic year 1984-85 with an intake of 40 and currently with 180 regular and 36 lateral entry students. The department is also offering two post graduate programme with the specialization of Communications and Signal Processing and VLSI Embedded systems with an intake of 18 students.

The department has highly qualified faculty having specialized in diversified areas of technology like Communications, Signal Processing, Microelectronics, Microprocessors, Instrumentation and control and Digital Electronics. The department is well equipped and has excellent laboratory facilities.

With the idea of "disseminating Knowledge through interaction", our department has been organizing National Level Technical Symposiums for the past three years through the constant support and enthusiasm of the management, faculty and students.




The department of Electronics and Communication Engineering aims to become a resource centre for higher learning and research and to produce creative solutions for societal and technological needs.

To provide high quality education and research infrastructure.

To upgrade the teaching and learning techniques continuously for achieving the excellence in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering.

To make the students globally employable and become entrepreneurs.


Goals of the department:


To develop innovative, competent and quality engineers by imparting the state-of-the-art technology.
To organize continuing education programmes for the development of students,faculty members and supporting staff.
To maintain industrial relations and to establish workstations in the field of VLSI and DSP.
To increase the number of Ranks in gate / end examinations.
To encourage the students and faculty members to undertake research programmes and projects.
To enrich the students through value based education.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)


The educational objectives of the under-graduate programme in Electronics and Communication Engineering at G. Pulla Reddy Engineering (Autonomous), Kurnool (AP) are to prepare graduates to possess the ability

    I.To apply a broad, fundamental-based knowledge and up-to-date skills required in performing professional work in Electronics and Communication Engineering and related disciplines. 
    II. To design components pertaining to Electronics and Communication Engineering, incorporating the use of design standards, realistic constraints and consideration of the economic, environmental, and social impact of the design. 
    III. To use modern computer software tools to solve Electronics andCommunicationEngineering problems and explain and defend their solutions and communicate effectively using graphic, verbal and written techniques to all audiences. 
    IV. To pursue a career in a private or governmental organization as a leader or enter graduate programs in Electronics and Communication Engineering and related disciplines and to pursue lifelong learning and research.