S.No Name of the lab

Name of the Equipment

Total cost equipment
1 Electrical Machines Laboratory D.C Shunt  Motor & D.C Shunt  Generator Set 12,70,830-00
D.C Shunt Generator ,Auto Synchronous Motor
D.C Series  Motor & D.C Shunt  Generator Set
D.C Compound Generator Set
D.C Series  Motor & D.C Series Generator Set
D.C Shunt  Motor , Alternator Set
Schrage Motor
D.C Shunt  Motor & D.C Shunt  Generator Set
1-Ф Induction Motor 50Hz, 2 HP, 1400 R.P.M
3-Ф Slip Ring Induction Motor 
3-Ф Squirrel Cage Induction Motor 5 HP, 7.5A, 415V, 1440 R.P.M 
Cross Section Induction Motor
Pole Changing Motor
Inductive Load
2 Drives & Static Control Laboratory Static Rotor Resistance Control of SRIM Using Chopper 13,25,089
Static Kramer Drive
Simulation and Implementation of SPWM Algorithm on SPACE Kit for Induction Motor
Microcontroller Based Speed Control of Separately Excited DC Motor
DSP based Speed control of Induction Motor Drive
DSP based Speed control of BLDC Motor
4- Channel CRO
3 Power Electronics & Drives Laboratory Vector controlled AC drive with motor 3Ø 415V AC motor 30,25,123-00
1 H.P, 3Ø, AC inductor motor PEP16D SNo.1ACC2
3Ø inductor motor 0.5 HP Slip ring induction motor
3Ø I.M, 400V, 1.2A 1450 RPM
Vector controlled AC drive with motor 3x 415 AC motor
1 H.P 3x AC I.M PEC 16 D
Static  Krammer drive
TMS 320C 240 7A DSP based BLDC motor drive DSP trail
3 HP IDM based power model
1 HP BLDC motor
Fast Recovery diode modules 40A/1200
Static Rotor Resistance Control of SRIM Using chopper
Static Kramer Drive
Digital Multimeter
DC Chopper firing Unit
DC Chopper firing Unit
DC Chopper Power Circuit
Differential module for dual trace oscilloscope
DSP Trainer
Function Generator
Forced commutation study Unit
Forced commutation study Unit
FH.P 1 HP DC motor 230V, 2.5A
1 H.P DC motor
Permanent magnet DC motor 0.5H.P, 220 V
D.C shunt motor 0.5 HP, 220 V
F H.P 3Ø Inductor motor V-400, 3Ø, 1.2 A
V/F controlled 3Ø AC drive 230V, 0.5 HP motor
4 Power Systems Laboratory DC Shunt motor and Alternator set  
EHV-AC Transmission line Simulation panel (220 kV, 180km)
“BENN” – make Alternator, 3KVA,  1500rpm, 4.2 a, “BENN” – make 5 HP Shunt motor coupled with 3KVA,  Alternator
“AE”-make oil testing Kit (0-60KV)
“EHV”-A.C. Transmission line simulation panel 220KV, The length-180KM
“Solid Insulation test Kit (0-60KV)
C.R.O, 20 MHz (Model 201)
“EASUN”-make over current relay 5A, 50-200% setting Sl.No:HR 9609775 “EHSUN”-make over current relay 5A, 10-40% setting Sl.No:HR 9609775
“EASUN”-make 2TJM 22, 11/2V, 5A 110V AC, 1.5 sec. 50-200% setting Sl.No: 9620293
“EASUN”-make 2TJM 20, IV, hand reset flag, 40 JW, Sl.No: HRO 428094
“EASUN”-make directional over current relay  5A, 50-200% setting Sl.No: HR 9727987
“EASUN”-make percentage differential relay  5A, 20%, 30%, 40% Sl.No: HR 9727605
1-Ø, inverse time over current relay Sl.No: 90026244004
Static over current relay
Oscilloscopes (20MHz, Model 201)
“Dragatron make 5 MHz oscilloscope
L.C.D. Projector BenQ PB 6100

5 Simulation Laboratory Intel Xeon,3GHz, 1GB RAM,80GB HDD 24,75,232-00
Mi Power Software Package
MATLAB Software with Simulink Software, Power Systems Block Set, Control Systems & Neural Network Tool Boxes
Psim Software
No. of Systems 60
LCD projector NEC VT 595
6 Control System Laboratory Programmable logic Controller 1,73,418-00
D.C. Servomotor
Synchro Transmitter and Receiver
A.C. servo Motor
Digital Control systems
Lag lead Network
Stepper Motor
PID controller
DC position Control System
Linear system simulator
Compensation Design
7 Electrical Measurement Laboratory Anderson Bridge 2,49,918-00
De-Sauty bridge
Phantom load test Kit
Max-Well Bridge
Schering Bridge
Wheatstone Bridge
Crompton Potentio Meter,
Industrial Kelvin Bridge, (0-11Ω)
Phase Sequence Indicator
3-Φ Variac , 18 A
LPF Watt meter 5-10A/150-300-600V
Loading Rheostat (1- Φ) 5KW,22A
Decade Inductance Box
DC Regulated Power supply 0-30V DC,2A
8 Electrical Circuits Laboratory Network Theorem Verification Trainers 2,43,862-00
Power Capacitor
Regulated Power Supply (Single Channel)
Regulated Power Supply (Dual Channel)
1-φ Variac
Ammeters and Voltmeters