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Electrical Machines Laboratory Equipped with Benn make DC Motor-Generator sets, Benn make DC motors, three phase induction motors, induction generator, three phase Alternator-DC Motor set, Synchronous Motor-DC generator sets, universal motor, single phase transformers, 3 phase variacs, single phase variac, AC & DC distribution board and the auxiliaries required to conduct the experiments.



Power electronics Laboratory Equipped with modules of power semiconductor devices like 1-Ф Rectifiers, Dual converter, PWM Inverter, cyclo converter, AC Voltage controllers with unidirectional and bidirectional switches, chopper, Power scopes, RPS, rheostats, Isolation transformers, power semi conductor devices characteristics study unit, Intel make computer systems, MATLAB software.



Drives and control laboratory Equipped with D-SPACE control board, TMS 28335 DSP control board, Cascaded Multi level Inverter fed induction motor drive, Dual inverter fed open end winding induction motor Drive, 2-level inverter fed induction motor Drive, Rectifier and chopper fed single and multi quadrant DC motor Drives, 3-Ф AC voltage controller for induction motor drive, slip power recovery schemes for induction motor drives, DSP based speed control of BLDC motor Drive, 4-Channel and 2-channel Digital storage Oscilloscopes, current probe, Voltage and current sensors, 3-Ф isolation transformers, Induction and DC motors, Intel make computer systems, MATLAB and code composer studio software packages.



Control systems & Automation Lab Equipped with Intel Core i3 systems installed with MATLAB & Siemens PLC software, PLC training kit, Human Machine Interface using Siemens PLC Drive, PLC based speed control and fault detection in induction motor, automatic water level control, temperature monitoring, Traffic light control. Oscilloscopes, trainer kits, DC servo motor, compensation network, 1st and 2nd order control system, stepper motor, PID controller and 5 kVA stabilizer.



LabVIEW Academy Equipped with Intel core i3, 4GB RAM,500GB HDD Computer systems, NI LabVIEW Academy Software, NI myRIO Kits, myDAQ, NI ELVIS, Embedded Systems kits, bio medical sensors, Robotics accessories Mechatronics Kits.



Power systems lab Equipped with 220 kV EHV ac transmission line simulator, Numerical Relays and Electromagnetic relays (over current, distance, directional and differential), 3-phase transformer, three phase Alternator-DC Motor Sets, Oil test kits, Mi-Power software, e-TAP software.



etap –Power System Simulation Laboratory Equipped with Intel core i3, 3GB RAM,500GB HDD Computer Systems with the following Software package • Single user with V16.0 for research purpose • 20 User with V14.0 for final year students projects and • 20 User with V12.6 for Power System Laboaratory



Microcontrollers lab Equipped with Intel core i3, 3GB RAM,500GB HDD Computer systems, F28335 peripheral explorer kit with code composer studio (BSP) compatible with VisSim for model based system design, MSP430G2x launch pad development kit, TI MSP430F2013 starter kit and teva series development board.



e-Yantra-Robotics Laboratory Equipped with Intel core i3, 3GB RAM, 500GB HDD Computer systems, Fire Bird V 2560, Spark V Robot, Fire Bird V P89V51RD2 adapter card, Fire Bird V LPC2148 adapter card.



Electrical circuits lab Equipped with Computer Systems for simulation, Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, air core transformer, Dual channel RPS, single channel RPS, Rheostats, voltmeters and ammeters.



Electrical Measurements Lab Equipped with Phantom Load Kit, Single phase energy meters, All DC and AC bridges, RPS, single phase variac, Tong testers, digital, LCR meter, Current Transformer, Power Factor Meter.



Electrical Technology lab Equipped with three phase induction motor, three phase Alternator-DC Motor set, Synchronous Motor-DC generator sets, single phase transformers, single phase variac, and the auxiliaries required to conduct the experiments.