Student Activities


Seminars were held in the forum so as to improve the communication skills to the students. On behalf of technical forum, students delivered seminars on various informative topics.

1. B.Ashok Babu presented a seminar on Transformers.
2. M.Vinay Kumar presented a seminar on Parallel operation of Transformers.
3. N.Bhavani Supriya presented a seminar on Piezo Electricity
4. U.Mounika presented a seminar on Gravity Light.
5. T.Bhagya Laxmi presented a seminar on Quad Copter and Photoshop.
6. B.Abinay presented a seminar on IOT.
7. A.Sai Gowtham Reddy presented a seminar on Know how secure you are and how to protect yourself.
8. B.Ashok Babu presented a seminar on 220kV Substation
9. N.Deepthi presented a seminar on Globalization.
10. Saketh Reddy presented a seminar on Life Technology.
11. P.Pavithra presented a seminar on Blue Eye Technology.
12. N.Mounica presented a seminar on 3 D Technology.
13. V.Harinath presented a seminar on Power Distribution.
14. Lokesh presented a seminar on Dyslexia and Dyspraxia
15. P.Harindra presented a seminar on Commercialization of Doctors.
16. M.Indumathi Reddy, M.Vaishnavi, S.Kavitha, P.Prashanthi and G.Sravani presented a seminar on Unlocking Knowledge at the speed of Thoughts.


II.Group Discussions, Technical Debate and Spot events

1. A Technical Group discussion was conducted for III Sem Students.
2. Venkateswari , T.Madhuri of IV Sem got third prize in Technical Debate.
3. Debate competition was conducted to IV Sem & VI sem students on Globalization positives and negatives.
4. Spot even on About Yourself conducted for III sem Students.
5. Conducted an event on picture perception and description test on 05 Aug,2017.



III. Guest lectures and workshops

• The Department had conducted a guest lecture on “India’s Freedom Movement" by S.D.V. Aziz, Writer, Kurnool on 12th August 2017.
• A Guest lecture was delivered on “Electrical power System correlation with Practical System” by Sri K. Vinayaka Prasad, Divisional Engineer, APSPDCL, Kurnool on 4th August 2017.
• Hands on training on “PCB Design and Micro controllers” by T. Girish Goud, NIT Nagpur had conducted on 03 August, 2017.
• The Department had conducted a Two days workshop on “Applications of Micro Controllers” on 21st & 22nd January 2017.
• A Guest lecture was delivered on “Grid Connected Renewable Energy System” by Sri G. Sri Ramakrishnama Raju, Assistant General Manger, 765KV substation, Orvakal, Kurnool on 13th August 2016.

IV. Achievements

 Year 2016-17 is a memorable one for the PES students’ chapter because of their active involvement in IEEE at GPREC. It achieved 14th position across the world in IEEE and 5th place across the Regio10 Asia Pacific countries and received an amount of 361 $US for its outstanding performance in High Performance Student Branch Chapters Competition 2016.

1. Mr B. Abhinay of final year student certified as “Lab VIEW Developer” by National Instruments, USA on 27th July 2017.
2.  Ten EEE students certified as “LabVIEW Associate Developer” by National Instruments, USA on 1st March 2017.
3. The student chair of GPREC IEEE SB Ms Suraiah Thaseen is very efficient in organizing and conducting events at GPREC and always aim for the benefit of student community. She is very much passionate about IEEE. Her major achievements are Received financial support from IEEE Hyd in attending R10 congress based on her activeness in IEEE Hyd section. She was one of the Ambassadors of IEEE Xtreme 10. 0 programming competition and IEEE Day 2016.She was selected as IEEE Young professional activities Representative for Hyderabad Section for the year 2016.
4.Ms Shaik Suraiah Thaseen of 2013-17 batch received active volunteerism certificate for organizing IEEE TES 2016 (Technology Entrepreneurs’ Summit 2016).
5. Mr M.C. Hitesh, Mr Leela Sai Bharadwaj of 2013-17 batch and their team are very much instrumental in achieving 14th position under High Performance Student Branch chapters Awards 2016 (HPSBC) of IEEE PES chapter.
6. Ms Farhath Tasleem and Ms Vijayalakshmi of 2014-18 batch were selected as volunteers for Hyderabad Section for the year 2016.
7. Mr Munawarvasae and Mr Indra Reddy of III EEE 2014-18 batch were selected as Editorial board members for IEEE Compute.
8. Mr G. Vijay Bhaskar of 2015-16 batch was selected as an Ambassador for IEEE Day celebrations for the year 2017 in IEEE Hyderabad Section under IEEE Region 10.
9. Mr L Sai Bharadwaj of 2013-17 batch and Ms Farhath Tasleem of 2014-18 batch were selected as Hyderabad Section Network Team for the year 2016.
10. Ms V. Pujitha of 2012-16 EEE batch got an opportunity to represent IEEE Hyderabad Section as WIE Student Member for Region 10 WIE congress held at Colombo Sri Lanka in 2015.
11. The WIE AG achieved I and II prizes during the IEEE WIE Congress held on 18th & 19th October 2014 at Hyderabad.
12. GPREC IEEE PES students’ chapter stood at 5th place as per IEEE Region 10 (Asia Pacific countries).
13. IEEE Student branch successfully organized IEEE Ananthapur zone WIE Congress in association with IEEE Hyderabad WIE Affinity group.
14. Ms Meghana of 2012-16 batch got an opportunity to work as Student Network representative, Core Committee member of SSC’15 of IEEE Hyderabad Section during the year 2015-16.
15. Mr Sheshunath Kotra of 2012-16 batch got an opportunity to be as student representative and Co-Lead organizing team of IEEE Ananthapur Zone ZSC’15 during the year 2015-16. He got an opportunity to work as Student Network representative, Documentation team member of SSC’15 of IEEE Hyderabad Section during the year 2015-16 and also IEEE day Section Ambassador for the year 2015 and also IEEE India council student member.
16. Mr K. Narasimha Tirumala, of 2012-16 batch got an opportunity to work as Student Network representative, also part of organizing team of SSC’15 of IEEE Hyderabad Section during the year 2015-16. He was also Section ambassador for promoting IEEEXtreme-9.0 in 2015. And took part in many IEEE events such as AISC-2014, Kaizen 3.0-2015, IEEE India Strategic Initiative’s EDP and SIPP July 2015, AIYSC-2015, AICSSYC-2015, CSIS-2016 etc.
16. Within a short duration after the formation of student branch, it received Emerging Student Branch Award under Hyderabad Section during IEEE Student Section Congress held on 23rd & 24th August 2014, for its activeness in organizing various events.

V.IEEE Events

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VI. EELS Association


About EELS
The students in general learn the things through regular class room teaching, interaction with the faculty, laboratories and other methods of learning. Apart from these, the students will learn and improve their skills when there is a platform for them in which students of different categories are present and also various events such as Technical and Non-Technical are being conducted regularly with their involvement by taking the guidance from the faculty.And also appreciation of students for their active involvement may still help the students to become much more vibrant in order to meet the industry standards. Hence to provide a platform for the students, the department of EEE started an Association of Students with the members from II year to Final year and with a specific Name i.e EELS (Ebullient Electrical League of Students). Also this association motivates the students of EEE department, organize co-curricular activities, extra-curricular activities etc. which caters the need for their overall development in all aspects. In support of this many premier institutes such as IITs, NITs etc encourage such students associations through which the students proved themselves in organizing very big national events like Shastra (IIT Chennai)etc. In a similar way the students of GPREC should develop themselves which paves the way for GPREC to become THE BEST in engineering education for students and also for the industry requirements.

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