Student Activities




A car of the future, built today the one little later.

Experimental comparison of various wind parameters of three blade savonius wind turbine.

Comparison of gas production rates, steam generation rates in up drift gassifier.

Thermal performance of heat pipe by using different working fluids.

Simulation and modeling of air flow around a NACA 0012 air foil.

Heat transfer analysis of gas turbine blades through cooling holes.

Experimental study on thermal efficiency of solar flat plate collector.

Static and dynamic analysis of statically indeterminate beams using regression method.

Optimization studies on friction drilling.

Optimizing the PTFE Teflon vortex tube parameters using taguchi technique.

Waste heat recovery from generator- diesel engine based.

Performance analysis of flat plate collector by using nano fluids.

Optimum gate location in plastic injection moulding process by computer simulation.

Thermal performance of different working fluids in a dual diameter circular heat pipe.

Automotive Trends (Guest lecture).

Wankel engine working.

Road safety (Guest lecture).

Design analysis and quality checks of storage tanks.


Other Activities


In addition to the project seminars and general seminars, programmes like Technical Quiz, Essay writing, and 3D CAD modeling competitions were conducted.

The forum is happy to state that special lectures and practice tests oriented towards GATE-2015 resulted in 20 GATE scores and two students got good score in CAT.

A Technical Exhibition was conducted on 18th, 19th & 20th February-2015 as a part of Tri-Decennial Celebrations of College.

A Technical Festival Jignasa 2014 was conducted in the month of December-2014.

A National Level Student Technical Symposium (Radiance-2013) was conducted during 18th, 19th, January 2013 by the Mechanical Engg. Department.