G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College (Autonomous), the pride of Kurnool town is the brain child of late Sri G. Pulla Reddy (10-01-1921 to 09-05-2007), the renowned philanthropist and humanist. His love for education and care for his native district manifested themselves in the form of this college.

The college was inaugurated by the world famous ophthalmologist, Padma Bhushan, Dr.P. Siva Reddy on 22nd February, 1985. Though started after the capitation fee era, the college had no teething troubles. With the munificent grants and pragmatic guidance of Sri. G.Pulla Reddy, the college has made a steady progress and has become a premier institute of technical education. Though the college is second to none in physical infrastructure and human resources, it is primarily known for its discipline and value system. Sri G.Pulla Reddy belonged to the school of thought and practice that believes that “virtue is its own reward” and this ideal formed the basis for all activities on the campus. If his uncompromising insistence on quality in his pure ghee sweets business has made him the Sweets Legend and quality consultant to TTD in making the world famous Tirupati Laddu, his insistence on quality in education made GPREC the benchmark for technical education.

Though Sri. G.Pulla Reddy subsequently established several educational institutions of repute, GPREC has remained his “first love” and is the flagship organization of all of them.