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The boundless love and affection of the GPREC Alumni towards their Alma Mater and their Juniors resulted in their laudable contributions in various spheres to the College as noted below:

1. Guest lectures / training to the Students:

A good number of senior alumni visited our college, sharing their rich and valuable experience with the students through Guest Lectures.

2. Promoting Students’ Placements / Internships

The Training & Placement Officer is coordinating with Alumni of the College, who are providing their enthusiastic support in promoting Campus Recruitments. A good number of Alumni are in constant touch with the Training and Placement Officer and are providing information about the vacancies and Job opportunities. Some of our alumni have helped our students get placement / internship in industries.

3. Instituting Scholarships to Poor / Meritorious Students

Alumni are providing financial incentives / scholarships to the students on the rolls, who excel in the academics and other activities like technical quiz and paper presentations etc. Such scholarships are instituted in the memory of their grand parents/parents or on their own names. Click here for Details…

4. Alumni Meetings / Reunions

Alumni meets / reunions are being organized regularly at different places – College premises, Hyderabad Bangalore (where more no.of our alumni are living). This would not have been possible without the active support of some of our alumni. The college would like to acknowledge and thank them all.