To foster an inclusive and collaborative environment, conducive for the growth and development of the institution, the mentoring process is proposed to be implemented, from the academic year 2017-18. The formal process, it is hoped, would emphasise the personal development of the mentee (Student).

The mentor (Faculty member of the programme), is expected to develop a positive and supportive relationship with the mentee, thereby enhancing the quality of teaching-learning process.

Students belonging to II B.Tech, III B.Tech and IV B.Tech would be grouped into batches of 15 to 20 and each batch would be allotted to a mentor (Faculty member). A mentor would continue to perform the task ofmentoring the same batch of students, till the completion of their programme of study.

The mentoring system would provide opportunities for the mentors to make efforts aimed at improving the academic performance of the mentees, throughout the period of study. The various features of the academic performance improvement include advice, counselling, academic interaction and analysis of the performance. Besides the above, the mentor would also make efforts to expand the professional knowledge and skills of the mentees.

Career guidance and development of key competencies among students are also part of the mentoring process. Involvement of the parents and interaction also play a role in the system. The mentoring system is being introduced to make the students gain knowledge and insight from their mentors.

How it Works:

The mentees receive guidance and support from their mentors resulting in their professional development and increased confidence. The mentors would continuously monitor the various aspects of academic growth of their students (Mentees). Motivational interaction sessions to create awareness among students are also part of the system. Every programme would notify the mentors along with the list of mentees allotted to each mentor, at the beginning of the semester.

Duties of Mentors:

1. Analysing the performance of the students (Mentees) in sessional and end examinations.

2. Preparing an action plan for fulfilment of academic criteria.

3. Contributing the academic development of the mentees through counselling, offering suggestions and instruction.

4. Keeping the Head of the programme informed about the progress.

5.Periodic review of the mentoring process.