Code powers our digital world. Coding is an incredible skill that engages both our creative and problem solving skills. In today’s world that is increasingly influenced by software, we need to produce graduates with outstanding problem solving and coding abilities. Coders’ Club at GPREC strives to meet this objective.

Objectives :

  • Solve problems using Math, Data structures & Algorithms.
  • Write correct, efficient and elegant code.
  • Crack the coding interviews at product based companies.
  • Compete with students studying at other top institutes.
  • Clear all the rounds in programming contests like CodeVita.
  • Participate in Hackathons.


  • Regular Classes

Regular classes were guided by Sri M. Imtiaz Ur Rahaman of Computer Science & Engineering department. Different topics based on Math, Data structures & Algorithms, Coding and Problem solving were covered.

  • Review Classes

These classes were supervised to clear the doubts of other students by the volunteers of the club. These classes also helped students to interact with their seniors.

  • Programming Contests

Different contests based on coding were conducted on different programming platforms like HackerRank etc.,

  • Activities

Many activities which are helpful to the students in their interview process like technical group discussion, coding quiz, finding the output etc., were conducted on alternative weeks.