About the EDC

Entrepreneurship Development Cell started its functioning from 1st January, 2008, with Sri G. Suresh Kumar, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, as its Coordinator. Also an advisory body is constituted with some of the faculty members of the college as members to help the coordinator in effective functioning of the cell.

The objectives spelt for the Cell are:

1 To arrange Entrepreneurship Awareness Programmes (EAPs) periodically to the Third and Final year students of GPREC in collaboration with the concerned organizations.
2 To disseminate the information gathered, about the procedure of setting up of enterprises, and financial help available, to the students of the college.
3 To provide the information about some viable projects to the interested students.



To plan any other program that will be of use to the budding entrepreneurs, fresh from the college.
Encouraging students of the college to think for innovative business/ product ideas through Innovations Club.In accordance with the objectives set as above, the cell has been active in organizing various programs to promote entrepreneurship with advises and help of the advisory body.

The members of Advisory body at present are:

1. Dr. R.S. Chalapathi , Professor of Practice, Mech. Engg. – CEO, GPREC, IIC
2. Dr. D.R. Srinivas, Assoc. Professor of ECE. – CONVENER
3. Sri G. Suresh Kumar, Assoc. Professor of Mech. Engg. – Co-CONVENER
4. Smt C. D.L.N. Prasunna, Asst. Professor of CSE – MEMBER
5. Smt B. Varalakshmi, Asst. Professor of ECS – MEMBER
6. Dr. D.V. Srihari Babu, Assoc. Professor of ECE – MEMBER
7. Dr. B. Urmila, Asst. Professor of EEE – MEMBER

Entrepreneurship Awareness Programs (EAPs) are organized to the students of the college in association with District Industries Center ( DIC ), and Andhra Pradesh Industrial and Technical Consultancy ( APITCO ), Kurnool, periodically. Besides, Entrepreneurship Development is offered as an open elective for the students in their curriculum, which is opt by students of some departments.


An Innovations Club has been active under EDC since 15 / 02 / 2012
AICTE has sanctioned Rs. 5,00,000/- under EDC scheme to GPREC, out of which, Rs. 3,00,000/- has been released.
The EDC has signed an MOU with DIC, Kurnool, for the cause of Entrepreneurship Development.

Details of  Startups (2019 – 2023)

S.No Name of the Start-up Name of the Owner Registered Under Registration No
1 Creative Groups, Bangalore A.Nageswara Rao Company Registered

Under GOI

2 VN

Technologies, Kurnool

V N Pavan Kumar (Alumni)


Company Registered Under GOI 37DSDPK1554H1ZQ
3 Sigmalytics, Hyderabad Sri Kishore Reddy Company

Registered Under GOI

4 Wanabuy India Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad Srinivasa Reddy Company Registered Under GOI U722900AP2018PTC109186
5 Acorn Embedded systems Pvt.

Ltd., Hyderabad

G.Prem Chand Company Registered Under GOI 56000PU5700N1Z6Z
6 The Web blinders,Kurnool Dinesh Uppara Chinna


Company Registered Under GOI 37ABGPU5700N1Z6
7 Habib IT

Solutions, Hyderbad

S.Habibullah 149x1A0556 Company

Registered Under GOI

8 Brew-n-Fill (III B.Tech CSB Student) Bilwa Sai Eswar


Student 219X5A2969

FSAAI License No 10123012000052
9 CIT AppServices Pvt.Ltd C.Swarnakanth Company

Registered Under GOI


Academic Year 2018-19

S. No. Student/Alumnus Name Roll Number Year of Passing Startup Name
1 Kalak Vimal Kumar 179X5A03K3 2019 Flicknexus ( under development with the support of Angaros)

Academic Year 2017-18

S. No. Student/Alumnus Name Roll Number Year of Passing Startup Name
1 Paramesh, Lakshmi Pathy, Sudarsan 149X1A0505, 149X1A05G3, 149X1A03C6 2018 Zestihub (www.zestihub.com)

Academic Year 2016-17

S. No. Student/Alumnus Name Roll Number Year of Passing Startup Name
2 Irfan Basha 139X1A0199 2017 Haysky Technologies (www.haysky.com)

Academic Year 2015-16

S. No. Student/Alumnus Name Roll Number Year of Passing Startup Name
1 G. Sai Krishna 129X1A0553 2016 FILMIPLEX
2 G. Sai Krishna

A. Prathap






 Academic Year 2012-13

S. No. Student/Alumnus Name Roll Number Year of Passing Startup Name
1 O. Lokeswara  Reddy 20095059 2013 Ajax Self loading mobile concrete mixer Supplier
2 K. Shankar 20091126L 2013 GOOGIE


Entrepreneurship Development Cell, since its inception in the year 2008, is continuing its activities.

  • Have an MoU with Curl Vee Techno Labs
  • Entrepreneurship Motivation classes to students of GPREC are organized by EDC from time to time.
  • Innovative ideas are encouraged, shared and discussed in Innovation Club meetings under EDC.
  • Guest lectures are organized by speakers and successful entrepreneurs from various institutions and organizations like District Industries Center, APITCO, and Bankers.

The following are the activities carried out by CIE from Jan 2023 to till date:

S No Name of the Event/Activity Date No of Participants Resource Person
1 “Idea Hunt” Competion 4/1/2023 55
2 “Entreprenership Skill,Attitude& Behaviourial Development” 18/1/23 56 Sri P.L.Achyuth Kumar

Associate Manager(Performance)

OYO International

Sri Bala Siva

Deputy Manager(Technical)

Kotak Mahindra

3 “Entrepreneurship Outreach Program”  at Saraswathi Sishu Mandir,GPREC Campus, Kurnool. 25/1/2023 30
4 Motivational Session by Successful Entrepreneur 1/2/23 30 Sri M.Raymond

(Alumnus of GPREC)

Managing Director,ARES Engineering Traders


5 Innovative Idea contest

(Prelimnary Round)

9/2/23 100  
6 Innovative Idea contest

(Grand Finale)

20/2/23 84 Sri S Hymanand

(GPREC Alumnus Belonging to 1987-91)

7 Two day workshop on “Mentor Development Program” 27-28 Feb 2023 29 Sri Pradeep Kulkari

Smt Parvathi

Bharath Yuva Shakthi Trust 

New Delhi

8 Community Connect 21/4/23 400 Smt. M.Geetha Sree

Chief Trainer ,ILO

9 Project Expo ( Technolegica 2.0) 29/4/23 100                    —
10 Bootcamp on Drone Technologies in Association with IIIT-DM Kurnool 3/7/23 to 7/7/23 116 Dr K Krishna Naik

Dr Eswaramoorthi

Dr K Satya Kumar

Faculty of IIIT-DM Kurnool

11 Smart India Hackathon (Internal) 27/9/23 288  
12 Two day workshop on Art of Pitching through impactful video making for Innovators and Entrepreneurs 26/10/23 &27/10/23 300 In Association with Vishnu Institute of Technology,Bhimavaram
13 One Day workshop on Design Thinking 28/10/23 250 Dr R.S. Chalapathi



14 XR Fusion Hackathon 1st -4th April 2023 240 XR Monk Inc.


The following are the activities carried out by CIE from Jan 2022 -23


S No Name of the Event/Activity Date No of Participants Resource Person
1 AICTE Mentee-Mentor Program 02/03/2022 15 Dr S.V Srikesh

IIC Director,KL University,Vijayawada

2 Entrepreneur Ideas and Frame works 16/03/2022 40 Sri Habibullah

Founder & CEO of Habib IT Solutions,Hyderabad

3 Authentic Approach towards the Entrepreneurial Journey 23/03/2022 40 Mr.Gaurav Sharma

CEO and Founder at “Thank You”

4 Smart India Hackathon 28/03/2022 20
IPR Awareness Program 13/06/2022 55 Ms Lavanya Madduri

(An Official Trainer at NIPAM),Chennai

5 Alumni Funding support and Idea Generation 06/08/2022 60 Dr M.Siva Sankar Reddy

Technology Leader and Innovator,USA

6 NASA Space Apps Internal Hackathon ( Bootcamp) 17th and 18th August,2022 500 Katapally Saikiran


7 NASA Space Apps Internal Hackathon 26th and 27th August,2022 134 Katapally Saikiran


8 Running an Enterprise Vs Being an employee 19-10-2022
9 3-Day Training Program on “Generate Your Business Ideas” 19/10/2022 to 21/10/2022 36 Mrs M.Geetha Sree and

Mr G.Sinivasulu,ILO

10 COGNIZOQUEST . 26/10/2022  
11 “Entrepreneurship as a Career Opportunity 09/11/2022 Mr G.Sinivasulu,ILO
12 Shark Tanks 16/11/2022  
13 ‘Idea to Incubation’ 30 /11/ 2022 Mrs M.Geetha Sree
14 “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as a Career Opportunity” 7/12/2022 105 Ravi Prakash Reddy Yerasi

( CEO – Game On Multi-sport Arena, Kurnool.)


15 “Problem Solving and Ideation” workshop 14/12/2022 60 Dr. G. Suresh Kumar

Associate Professor in ME,GPREC,Kurnool

16 “IPR AWARENESS PROGRAM”(Online) 16/12/2022 80 Shri . Shubham Harsh Singh , Examiner of Patents & Designs (Gr. ‘A’ Gazetted), The Patent Office, Kolkata, DPIIT, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Govt. of India
17 “Technology Trends – New Era Entrepreneurs” . 21/12/2022 200 Moses Muppasani

Co-Founder – Keyboor

(A Social and Professional Network Platform that enables eLearning and job hunting.)



As part of Induction program to I B.Tech. students admitted during 2018-19, the Co-ordinator of EDC has explained about the facilities available and services being offered by EDC to students of GPREC to shape their Entrepreneurial careers. Besides

    1. A guest lecture on “Innovation and Entrepreneurship as career option” was taken by Sri Ashish Malve and his team to ME students on 21 July 2018 during 8. 30 AM – 10.-30 AM.
    2. During 11 AM – 1 PM, on the same day (21/07/2018), same program was conducted for CE students by the same speakers.
    3. During 2 PM – 4 PM, on the same day (21/07/2018), same program was conducted for CSE students by the same speakers.
    4. On 22 July, 2018, during 8. 30 AM – 10. 30 AM, a motivation class on Entrepreneurship was extended to EEE students of I B. Tech., by Mr. Mukeshwar of III CSE.
    5. On 22 July, 2018, during 11. 00 AM – 12. 00 PM, a motivation class on Entrepreneurship was extended to ECE students of I B. Tech. by Mr. Mukeshwar of III CSE
    6. An interaction session was organized to I B. tech. students of ECE with the founders of FAST CHEF startup (an online food orders receiving and delivery service unit operating in Kurnool city). They have explained the difficulties and hardships they have faced.
    7. An idea generation program was organized by EDC in association with Angaros on 17 September, 2018 in seminar gallery I. About 78 students participated in this program. Groups of about 8-10 students were formed and asked to discuss about their idea for 15 minutes. Then they were given chance to present their idea before the other teams. A purposeful question and answers sessions went on and students got a fair idea about idea generation.
    8. Sparkle 2K18 has been organized during 8-9 October, 2018, in which a total of 43 teams enrolled and a shortlist of 14 teams has been arrived at through filtering tests. Best three teams were awarded cash prizes of Rs 10,000/-, Rs 7,500/-, and Rs. 5000/- respectively.
    9. A freshmen orientation is organized to freshers by volunteers of EDC on 10th October, 2018. 108 students were present. Volunteers explained about the functioning of EDC and voluntary work possible, working with EDC.
    10. Coordinator of EDC, Dr. G. Suresh Kumar has participated in two weeks National Faculty Development Programme on “How to teach students to adopt Entrepreneurship as Career” organized by EDII (Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India), Ahmedabad , supported by NSTEDB, Department of Science and Technology during 17 – 28 December, 2018.


2 To identify potential students at II year B. Tech. level who has flair towards entrepreneurial careers, and focus to nurture them to start an enterprise of their own after completion of their graduation.
3 To bring successful entrepreneurs to the campus and arrange interactions for the students with them so that the students can have pragmatic view of entrepreneurship.
4 To interact with various Government and private agencies that are working for the cause of Entrepreneurship Development, and get the information about possible help by them to the budding technocrats. The same will be kept with and disseminated among the interested students of the college.
5 To promote Innovative thinking for business ideas among students of GPREC so as to help the society with better products / services.