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Many a time, we will be requested to contribute either in cash or kind to provide immediate relief to the victims of natural disasters, accidents, severe health problems etc. It is well known to the entire fraternity of GPREC how the alumni of GPREC contributed generously in the past…be it to help Dr.P.Vijayasekhar Reddy, Professor of Mathematics, or relief to the flood victims of Kurnool. Also there are many instances of Staff and Alumni helping poor students.

Though the staff and alumni of our college are coming forward spontaneously to meet with such situations, it would be better if a fund is created and maintained, for which the alumni and staff may be contributing periodically and immediate relief can be provided from this fund.
This is precisely the idea given by some of our distinguished alumni in the previous Alumni meetings. They came with this concept, when the alumni were invited to give suggestions for the improvement of their alma-mater. This idea was welcomed by many of those present in those meetings. Hence it is decided to create this relief fund and spell out the rules and norms for operating this fund so that it will be transparent and the really deserving and needy are only provided relief.


This fund is called GPREC Helping Hands.
There is a committee of Five members consisting of the following to operate this fund.

a) Principal Dr.B.Sreenivasa Reddy – Chairman of the committee Ex-Officio
b) Training & Placement Officer Dr.B.Veerabhadra Reddy – Member Convener
(In charge of Alumni affairs )
c) Two distinguished Alumni … 1. Sri T.Sridhar Reddy (1985-89 CE )
2. Sri C.Sai Prakash (1999-2003 EEE)
d) A student from III B.Tech class … Member

The tenure of the committee shall be of two years. After the expiry of the tenure, new members, other than ex-officio, may be nominated or elected.
The committee will meet as and when required to decide the quantum of relief to be provided to the needy.
An account is opened in HDFC Bank, Bhagya Nagar Branch, Kurnool.The details are given below.
Account Number : 50200032994306.
Account Name : Alumni-GPREC
IFSC Code : HDFC0000742.
MICR Code : 518240002
Alumni can deposit donation amount directly into this account and share their details by email to Link :

Note : Select T and P Fee

All the contributions received from the alumni will be deposited in this college account and the list of donors shall be displayed in the college website / alumni portal(
Any relief / donation provided to any victims / beneficiaries will also be displayed on college website.
The responsibility of identifying beneficiary lies with the committee. It can take inputs from faculty, alumni and students in this regard.
The incubation period for the fund is set as 2years.