The college is managed by G.P.R. Charities Trust which was instituted by Sri G.Pulla Reddy in 1977 with the motto of rendering service to society. Sri G.Pulla Reddy is the epitome of a self made man. Born into a lower middle class agricultural family, he imbibed all the virtues of an Indian farmer. After trying out a few jobs, he found his true vocation in which he is at his best, making delicious sweets and there was no looking back. His hard work and uncompromising adherence to quality soon made him the sweets legend and G.Pulla Reddy Sweets have become a household name and a status symbol. The popularity of Pulla Reddy sweets is evident in the fact that he was appointed by His Excellency, the Governor of Andhra State as the official sweets supplier to the Government. Sri Pulla Reddy is reckoned great not because he made it big in business but because he did not forget his moorings. Deprived of educational opportunities as a child, he made it a mission of his life to provide educational opportunities to the people of this backward region of Rayalaseema from which he hailed. The success of the institutions founded by him may be attributed to his uncanny ability to find the right person for a job. Once he finds the right person, he entrusts the work to that person with all the authority and responsibility and will never interfere in that work.

After the demise of the founder Chairman Sri G.Pulla Reddy in 2007 Sri P.Subba Reddy, the Secretary of the college, has taken up the responsibilities of both Chairman and Secretary . Sri P.Subba Reddy is one of the Trustees of G.Pulla Reddy Charities Trust right from its inception. He is given the onerous responsibility of looking after all the educational institutions sponsored by the Trust. Thus he has vast experience of administration of educational organizations in the capacity of the secretary. Nurtured and guided by the founder chairman of the Trust, Late Sri G.Pulla Reddy , he has a great vision and is dedicated to the cause of education. Ever cheerful and with enormous patience and pragmatic outlook, he has been the live wire in the administration set up of the Trust and all the institutions of the Trust have made Phenomenal progress under his supervision.

Founder Trustees of G.P.R.Charities Trust

• Late Sri G.Pulla Reddy, Managing Trustee
• Sri G.Ragava Reddy, Trustee
• Late Sri G.Narayanamma, Trustee
• Sri P.Subba Reddy, Trustee
• Late Sri R.V.Seshacharlu, Trustee

G.P.R. Charities Trust is now managed by

• Sri G.Raghava Reddy, Managing Trustee
• Sri P.Subba Reddy, Trustee
• Sri G.Ekamber Reddy, Trustee

Professional Colleges managed by G.P.R.Charities Trust

• G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College, Kurnool
• G.Pulla Reddy Pharmacy College, Hyderabad
• G.Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Sciences, Hyderabad
• G.Pulla Reddy Dental College, Kurnool

Other Educational Institutes managed by G.P.R.Charities Trust

• G.Pulla Reddy Degree & P.G. College, Hyderabad
• G.Pulla Reddy Junior College, Hyderabad
• G.Pulla Reddy High School, Hyderabad
• G.Narayanamma High School, Hyderabad

Service Organizations managed by G.P.R.Charities Trust

• G.Narayanamma Hospital, Atmakur, Kurnool Dt
• Vignana Peetham (Orphanage), Kurnool
• Sanskrita Basha Prachara Samithi, Hyderabad
• G.Narayanamma Pulla Reddy Respite Home for Mentally Challenged Adult Woman, Kurnool