In this competitive world, in order to reach zenith, the academic and technical skills are not sufficient. One must need some extra talent and skills that provide an edge over others. Also there is a phrase that “Out of every 1000 successful persons, only one is GOD gifted and inherent and remaining 999 modeled their lives into successful ones.”
For this reason there is a need for a platform to test and implement hidden skills and talents. And this forum is here to give a helping hand and boost the confidene in students and assist them in shaping their careers.

The centre strives to achieve the following objectives :-

1. Creating awareness among the students about the current topics and relevancies.
2. Exposing them various arguments, so that they can put up counter arguments.
3. Providing opportunities to discuss various topics like Group task, Bulls eye, Quiz, Games, Aptitude enhancement modes, Extempore, Debates etc. which intend the students to be up to date with the latest techniques adopting in various selection processes.

Various Competitions conducted by CAD:

Group Discussions
Memory Recitation
General Quiz
Quantitative Aptitude and Verbal Test
Computer Knowledge Test
Floor Crossing

Advisory Committee:

Patron : Dr. B. Sreenivasa Reddy, Principal
Convener : Dr.D.Rajasekhar, Assoc. Prof of ECE Dept.
CO-Convener : Sri.B.Amarnatha Naidu, Asst Prof of EEE.

Advising Faculty Members:

1. Sri. P. Lakshmi Reddy of ME Dept.
2. Smt. T.Swathi of CSE Dept.
3. Smt. A. Srinidhi of HBS Dept.
4. Sri. Hemanth Kumar of CE Dept.
5. Smt. M.Lalitha Meghana of ECE Dept.
7. Smt.Y.Sumalatha of HBS Dept.