“Bhuvanavijayam” is named after Sri Krishna Devaraya’s renowned cultural and literary forum.It was inaugurated in the month of February 1994.The forum organizes programmes with a motto to develop student skills in different aspects.

The main objectives of this fourm are:

To tap the latent and innovative talents in cultural and literary activities.
Conducting various guest lectures by eminent personalities in literary field.
Creating awareness among students in various aspects related to cultural and tradition.
Conducting various talented oriented events related to vocal, instrumental, dance and elocution and so on.


Faculty Members:

1. Smt. K.Udaya Kiran, Assistant Professor of ECE – Convener
2. Dr. S.Shamsheer Daula, Associate Professor of ECE – Co-Convener

3. Smt. T.Swathi, Assistant Professor of ECE
4. Sri. K.Bala Chowdappa, Assistant Professor of CSE
5. Sri. Sai Kumar Reddy, Assistant Professor of ME
6. Sri. S.V.Garata Reddy, Assistant Professor of CE
7. Smt. E. Jyothirmai, Assistant Professor of EEE
8. Dr.K.Subhashini, Associate Professor of HBS
9. Dr.K.Aparna, Assistant Professor of HBS
10. Smt.B.Munilakshmi, Assistant Professor of HBS