Consultancy Services

The college offers consultancy services in various engineering fields by experienced and well qualified faculty. These include testing of engineering materials and advices in various projects. All the laboratories are well equipped with modern equipment which are calibrated every year. The equipment / machinery are modernized and upgraded to meet the requirements and needs of the outside industry/organization.



1. TESTS ON FINE Aggregated and coarse Aggregate
2. Tests on cements
3. Tests on Bricks
4. Tension test on steel roads
5. Compressive strength of concrete
6. Concrete Mix Design (Quick results with accelerated curing)
7. Assessment of quality of a building- Non Destructive tests
. The Department also offers consultancy in the structural designs of all kinds of structures.
Soil testing Laboratory
1. Tests on undistributed soil samples
2. Tests on distributed samples
3. Sieve Analysis
4. Liquid limit and plastic limit
5. Compaction Tests(standard and heavy)
6. Consolidation Test
7. Hydrometer Analysis
8. Swelling pressure Test
9. Shear Tests
10. Un confined compression Test

Transportation engineering laboratory

1. Tests on Bitumen – penetration, softening point , flash & fire point, ductility test, solubility test, loss on heating, specific gravity, Bitumen extraction test.
2. Tests on Coarse Aggregates- Sieve Analysis, Impact value, Crushing value, Los Angles abrasion, Flakiness/Elongation index, Water absorption, Specific gravity, stripping value, Soundness test
3. Mix Design- job mix formula for BM,DBM,BC,SDBC etc, RCC,PCC< marshal stability testing on Biuminous mixes or hardness test for Mastic, Asphalt on prepared sample
4. Field Tests- pavement design of sub-grade by CBR method , determination of field CBR, pavement deflctions by Benkelmen Bean or ovley design, Determination of existing pavement thickness using dynamic cone penetrometer, determination of road unevenness by using bump integrator

Civil engineering department has been offering consultancy services for the last two decades

Major Clients

State Govt.Depts.
Roads & Buildings
Panchayathi Raj
AP Transco

Central Govt.Depts.
Central Railway

Private organization
Major contractors of irrigation , R&B and Railway dept. construction firms located in and around Kurnool Dist.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory

1. Determination of total , suspended, dissolved, volatile solids, fixed and settle able solids in water/ sewage sample
2. Determination of turbidity of water / sewage sample
3. Determination of alkalinity, acidity of water sample
4. Determination of temporary and permanent hardness of water sample
5. Determination of chloride, Sulphate , fluoride concentration of water/sewage sample
6. Determination of pH valueof water /sewage sample
7. Determination of dissolved oxygen, Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD), Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) of water
8. Determination of optimum dose of coagulant
9. Determination of chlorine demand and residual chlorine

Surveying Laboratory

1. Field survey for land measurement
2. Preparation of site plans and counter maps

Geo engineering laboratory

Identification of Minerals and Rocks



List of Tests that will be carried out in Department of Mechanical Engineering:

  • 3D printing to produce plastic Components.
  • Finding natural frequency and Mode shapes of given system. (using Fast Fourier Transform Analyzer)
  • UTM by INSTRON to measure Tensile, Compression and Flexural strengths of Composite Materials.
  • Wear Test for Composites.
  • Calculate Impact Strength for the Composite Materials.
  • Chemical Test for Composite Materials.
  • Vacuum Bag Moulding.
  • Hand Layup Process.
  • Hardness Test for testing composite.
  • Stir Casting for Metal Matrix Composites.
  • Capstan and Turret Lathe for machining.
  • Machining by using CNC Lathe and CNC Milling.
  • Tool Dynamometer to measure the magnitude of forces.


Testing and calibration of pressure Gauges and water meters

1. Machine tools: All machining work on Lathe/ drilling/ Slotting machines
2. Design : Preparation of 2D and 3D Drawing and Analysis
3. CAME : Generating CNC codes and manufacturing
4. Heat Transfer : Evaluation of Thermal prosperties
5. Foundry: preparation of patterns for casting
6. Field visit :
(i) Conducting work study/ time study in industries,
(ii) Technical support in installing non conventional Energy conversion devices in rural areas
(iii) Technical support to all industries



Testing of meters and equipment
1. Megger (0 – 100mW)
2. Volt meter (0 – 600 v) AC and DC
3. Ammeter ( 0 – 20 A) AC and DC
4. Multimeter
5. Tong tester
6. Solid insulation Test (0 – 60 kv)
7. Liquid insulation Test( 0- 60 kv)
8. Insulation tester (2.5 kv)
The faculty in cse and ece departments have enough experience and expertise to develop software for specific requirements and circuit design for specific problems.