The English Club is initiated and completely driven by senior students of the college. From their experience they felt the need of another platform to improve their communication skills in English. They also felt that the presence of teachers during activities might inhibit the juniors to freely participate. So, the activities of the club are organized solely by the senior students with the indirect support and guidance of the English faculty.

English Club aims to provide students with more exposure to English through an English language environment that will familiarize students with various language skills and functions. It also aims to create an English-rich environment on campus through various activities throughout their stay. Activities include Essay writing competitions, elocution, poster presentation, film/video shows, and other language games. These activities are student-centred and often involve students’ active participation making the learning experience fun, dynamic and authentic.

English Club has a mini library which comprises books on personality development, novels, auto biographies, biographies and various magazines. The purpose of the mini library is to enrich the members with sophisticated vocabulary and equip them with interpersonal skills by introducing them to the world of vivid imagination.


  1. Provide a platform to take practice in Spoken English by participating in the activities.
  2. Create a tension free and enjoyable environment for students to speak in English.
  3. Inculcate interest among students in literature.
  4. Help students get general proficiency in English and industry specific language skills.


  • Conduct literary competitions like extempore, elocution, debate, JAM, scrabble,essay writing, etc and give prizes to winners.
  • Arrange motivation lectures and talks by successful alumni about the importance of Communication Skills in English for successful careers.
  • Form small groups of students who converse only in English on the campus and off the campus, in academic and day to day contexts.
  • Provide members with useful books and material on language and literature.

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