VSC (Vivekananda Study Circle)

“Vivekananda Study Circle” a name well known for the service of mankind, moving ahead with the vision “BE GOOD, DO GOOD” from G.Pulla Reddy Engineering College, which is the driving force for the students to get themselves involved in the social service activities and to strive for International Brotherhood diligently.”

The main motto of VSC IS “Inculcating Values through Service Activities”
The executive committee members of Vivekananda Study Circle  are as follows:

Patron : Dr.B.Sreenivasa Reddy,Principal
Coordinator : Dr. M. Nagaphani Sastry, Associate Professor of ME.


Faculty In charges:

1. Sri M.Sashidhar, Assistant Professor of CSE.
2. Sri K. Naga Khousil Reddy, Assistant Professor of ECE.
3. Sri K. Mallikarjuna Reddy, Assistant Professor of CE.
4. Sri S.Malleshwar Reddy, Assistant Professor of ME
5. Sri S. Anil Kumar, Assistant Professor of EEE.
6. Sri G.Venkata Rami Reddy, Assistant Professor of HBS.

Some of the activities under this forum are :

1.Blood donation camp

Blood donation camps were being organized by VSC twice in year and the collected blood units were handed over to Govt. General Hospital Blood bank .Blood donor’s directory is being maintaining by VSC since 2004 and nearly 1500 students were registered as voluntary blood donors and everyday, as and when required students are going to Govt.General Hospital and Other private hospitals, blood banks to donate blood for the needy. The blood donor’s directory is updating every year by new volunteers.

2.Medical camp

Medical camp will be organized by the students of this forum every year.usually the volunteers visits to thandas and gudems where there is no medical facility .

3.Service camp

Several service campus were organized by VSC, during floods in the year 2009 the service manifestations of VSC are praised by Kurnool citizens . During 2012 and 2015 volunteers of VSC are extended their services in the ISKCON jagannatha ratha yatra . The volunteers of VSC are readily available when ever there is a need for the society .

VSC conducts service camps during March and April of every year to the devotees from Karnatka on their way to srisalim . The service includes food distribution, medical camp, buttermilk distribution etc.


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