CAA Cell :

For the convenience of administration and effective monitoring, it is proposed to create Co-Academic Activities (CAA) Cell and bring ISTE student Chapter, IEEE student branch(SB) and its associated Women In Engineering Affinity Group(WIE-AG) as well as society SB chapters, CSI, IE chapters of CE,ME,ECE,EEE,CSE & ECS and any other Technical forums  under its umbrella. This cell shall function as an independent body under the direct supervision of the Principal.

It shall have sub-committees for each of the above mentioned forums (ISTE student Chapter, IEEE Student Branch and its associated WIE-AG  as well as Society Student Branch Chapters,  CSI, IE(I) chapters of CE,ME,ECE,EEE, CSE and any other Technical forums) under it.

 Objectives and Functions:

  •  To work for the overall development of the students, which includes technical aspects team working and leadership skills among others, by providing necessary facilities and platforms for the students to actively involve themselves in seminars/technical talks/invited talks , technical student symposiums, skill development programmes, technical debate, guest lectures, workshops and industrial visits, IEEE related events, department association events  etc.
  • To maintain all the files related to various activities planned and conducted in every academic year.
  •  To provide necessary information/details to the university authorities, AICTE, accreditation bodies like NBA, NAAC and survey agencies like NIRF, through PAE committee or Principal’s office.
  • Mandatory CAA as part of requirement for the award of degree: To monitor, evaluate and give the result (recommend/not recommend) to the Examination section/Principal’s office.
  •   To conduct events like seminars/technical talks/invited talks  on various trends In different engineering fields, technical student symposiums, skill development programmes, group discussions, technical debate, guest lectures, workshops and industrial visits, IEEE related events, department association events  etc as part of the college day or any other important occasions, and relevant activities under Student Induction Programs for the I B.Tech students.

The following is the composition of Co-Academic Activities (CAA)  Cell

1 Dr.C. Harinatha Reddy, Assoc Prof of EEE Convener
2 Dr.P. Abdul Khayum, Prof of ECE & Convener, ISTESC Member
3 Dr.K. Isthaq Ahmed, Assoc Prof of CSE & Convener, CSI Chapter Member
4 IE (I) CIV, MEC, ECE,CSE & EEE Faculty In-charges Member(s)
5 IEEE Student Branch Counsellor Member
6 IEEE Society student branch chapters faculty advisors Member(s)
7 Department association faculty In-charges Member(s)
8 Any other Technical Forums constituted

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