Research and Development

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Research is the backbone of academics. It simplifies concept building and transforms new ideas into innovations in pursuance of a new era of passion for researches. Each finding gives immense pleasure and multiplies enthusiasm towards achieving target.

The Research and Development Cell of GPREC aims to nurture research culture in the College by promoting research in newly emerging and challenging areas of Engineering, Technology, Science and Humanities. It encourages the students and faculty to undertake the research in newly emerging frontier areas of Engineering, Technology, Science and Humanities including multidisciplinary fields. This enhances the general research capability of budding technocrats by way of participating in conferences, seminars, workshops, project competitions etc.

Activities :

The major R&D activities are as follows:

  • External Funded Projects – Support the faculty in venturing into External Funded Projects.
  • Publications in peer-reviewed Journals – Encourage the faculty to take part in Publications in peer-reviewed Journals.
  • Faculty Development Programs, Conferences, Workshops, STTPs, Symposia etc. (attending and organizing) – Organizing Faculty Development Programs, Conferences, Workshops, STTPs, Symposia etc.
  • Procurement of high-end computational and laboratory equipments, and software for Research – Keeping ourselves abreast with the industrial standards by constantly procuring high-end computational and laboratory equipments, and software for Research.
  • Deputation for Higher Studies – Delegate the faculty to different places for the procurement of Higher Degrees in their preferred areas of cognition.
  • Talks and Lectures by eminent researchers – Organizing Talks and Lectures by eminent researchers.
  • Industry Institute Interaction (Students and Faculty) – Bridging the gulf between Institute and Industry by Organizing Interaction programs for faculty and students.
  • Collaborations and MOUs with Industry, Academic and R&D Organizations – Collaborating with Industry, Academic and R&D Organizations by expressing a convergence of will and indicating an intended line of action by signing MOUs.

Research Committee :

  1. Dr. T. Brahmananda Reddy, Professor of EEE – Convener, R&D Cell
  2. Dr. M. Sreenivasula Reddy, Assco.Professor of CE  – Member
  3. Dr. S.Sailaja, Asst.Professor of HBS – Member
  4. Dr. G. Venkata Subba Reddy, Assco.Professor of EEE – Member
  5. Dr. Shaik Saheb Basha, Professor of  ECE – Member
  6. Dr. H. Raghavendra Rao, Assco.Professor of ME – Member
  7. Sri. K.Sudhakar, Asst. Professor of CSE – Member
  8. Sri. K.Ashfaq Ahmed, Asst. Professor of ECS – Member


Guidelines for Cash Incentives :

S.No Type of Indexing Details of Incentives
1. Science Citation Index (SCI) Journals 25,000
2 Science Citation Index Expanded (SCIE) Journals 20,000
3. Scopus /Emerging Sources Citation Index (ESCI) Journals 10,000
4. Web of Science 5,000
5. UGC Care list 2,000
6. Proceedings in IEEE / ASME / ASCE / SPRINGER / ELSEVIER / SCOPUS Indexed Conference or Book Chapters and organized by reputed institutions / organizations (IISC/IIT/NIT, etc.) 7,500
7. International level Conferences / Seminars /Workshops organized by reputed institutions / organizations (IISc/IIT/NIT, etc.) Upto a maximum of Rs.3000/- towards Registration fee and maximum of Rs.2,500 towards TA/DA.
8. International level Conference / Workshop organized at outside India a. No financial support for the mere participation.

b. For presenting a paper, the financial support will be paid to cover TA,DA & Registration Fee limited to Rs.50,000


  1. Only those papers, where the author’s affiliation belongs to the college i.e. “G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College” will be eligible for incentive.
  2. The authors should mention the name of the college clearly as “ Pulla Reddy Engineering College” instead of GPREC or G.P.R. Engineering College, etc. Otherwise the incentive amount will not be sanctioned.
  3. Any claim for monetary incentive for publishing a research paper must be accompanied by two hard copies of the published paper along with the indexing proof and reviewer comments if available.
  4. Any publication with more than four authors is not eligible for incentives.
  5. If the first author is from GPREC, then the author will be entitled for full cash incentive.
  6. If the second author is from GPREC, then the author will be eligible for only 50% of cash incentive.
  7. If both first and second authors belong to the G. Pulla Reddy Engineering College, the incentive amount will be shared equally among them.
  8. The papers published based on dissertation work by M.Tech students are not eligible for any cash incentive.
  9. Incentives for any publications in books/book chapters etc will be reviewed by the R&D Cell committee.

Funded Projects:

Year Scheme Name of the Coordinator Dept. Amount Sanctioned Non recurring Amount Sanctioned Recurring Sanctioned Letter Date Sanctioned Letter Number Funds Utilisation position Utilization certifictae Details
2020-21 ATAL- AICTE Dr.Shaik Saheb Basha ECE Rs. 93,000/- 44163 F.NO. 01/AICTE/ATAL-HQ/2020-21/1052(9) Ongoing
2019-20 MODROBS Dr. T.BRAMHANANDA REDDY EEE Rs.10,94,999/- Rs.1,93,235/- 20-07-2020 F.No.9-127/IDC/MODROB/Policy-1/2019-20 Ongoing
2019-20 STTP Dr. ABDUL KHAYUM PINJARI ECE Rs. 3,11,333/- 12-10-2020 Ref.No. 34-66/304/FDC/STTP/Policy-1/2019-20 Ongoing
2019-20 STTP Dr. SRINIVAS DORAISWAMY ECE Rs. 1,89,167/- 12-10-2020 Ref.No. 34-66/303/FDC/STTP/Policy-1/2019-20 Ongoing
2019-20 MODROB- RURAL Dr. N. KASIVISWANATH CSE Rs. 6,74,334/- Rs. 1,19,000/- 16-05-2019 F.No.84-93/RIFD/MODROB/Rural/Policy-1/2019-20 Ongoing
2019-20 UGC-TRAVEL GRANT Dr. R. MEENAKSHI REDDY ME Rs. 92,803/- 19-08-2019 F.No.6-419/2018(TG) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 04-03-2019
2019-20 DST-NIMAT (EAC) Dr. GUDIMETTA SURESH KUMAR ME Rs. 20,000/- 12-08-2019 EDII/DST-NIMAT/19-20/145 COMPLETED  Submitted on 27-12-2019
2018-19 AICTE-ISTE Induction Programme Dr. N. RAVI SANKARA REDDY EEE Rs. 3,00,000/- 11-03-2020 ISTE/AICTE-ISTE FDPI-3514127240/2018-19 Ongoing
2018-19 PMKVY-TI PRINCIPAL Rs. 15,15,125/- 22-02-2019 F.No. 5-8/PMKVY-TI/2018-19/SCRO/1-3514127240 COMPLETED  1- installement on  18-10-19
2018-19 MODROBS Dr. VENKATA JUNNALAGADDA CE Rs. 10,20,000/- Rs. 1,80,000/- 03-12-2019 F.No.9-139/RIFD/MOD/Policy-1/2018-19 ONGOING
2018-19 AICTE-ISTE Induction Programme Dr. Y.V. SIVA REDDY EEE Rs. 3,00,000/- 13-06-2018 ISTE/AICTE-ISTE Induction /Refresher Program/2018 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 17-08-2018
2017-18 GOC Dr. SURYAKARI NAGARAJA RAO ECE Rs. 5,00,000/- 28-02-2019 F.No.67-64/RIFD/GOC/POL-1/2017-18 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 02-03-2020
2017-18 FDP Dr. KAVITHA DWARAM CSE Rs. 5,47,000/- 09-03-2019 F.No.34-55/56/RIFD/FDP/Policy-1/2017-18 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 18-10-2019
2017-18 UNNAT BHARAT ABHIYAN Dr.M NAGAPHANI SASTRY ME Rs. 50,000/- 01-10-2018 224/C26905 ONGOING
2017-18 MODROBS Dr. T.BRAMHANANDA REDDY EEE Rs. 4,94,118/- Rs. 1,05,882/- 08-09-2017 Ref.No. 9-114/RIFD/MODROB/Policy-1/2016-17 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 05-07-2019
2017-18 MODROBS Dr. K. SURESH REDDY ECE Rs. 4,44,706/- Rs. 95,294/- 08-09-2017 Ref.No. 9-145/RIFD/MODROB/Policy-1/2016-17 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 08-10-2018
2017-18 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT K. DEVAKI DEVI ME Rs. 1,95,000/- Rs. 25,000/- 30-06-2017 No.F MRP-6739/16(SERO/UGC) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 17-01-2020
2017-18 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT K. SUDHAKAR CSE Rs. 69,400/- Rs. 30,000/- 30-06-2017 F.NO:4-4/2015-16(MRP/UGC-SERO) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 20-01-2020
2017-18 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT Dr.R.PRAVEEN SAM CSE Rs.1,62,000/- Rs.75,000/- 20-02-2017 No.F MRP-4557/14 GEN/(UGC-SERO) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 30-04-2016
2016-17 PMKVY-TI PRINCIPAL Rs. 11,09,700/- 13-02-2017 F.No. 2-7/SDC/PMKVY/SCRO/16-17/1-2812957737 COMPLETED  07-12-2017 & 15-02-2018
2016-17 FIST PRINCIPAL Rs. 30,00,000/- 10-02-2017 SR/FST/College-321/2016 ONGOING
2016-17 PEP(EDC) G. SURESH KUMAR ME Rs. 50,000/- 27-10-2016 No.AP/SOH/PUBLICITY/GEN/2016-17/2004 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 30-03-2017
2015-16 UGC – Research Awardee Dr.H.RAGHAVENDRA RAO ME Rs.12,21,376/- 14-12-2015 No.F.30-65/2015 COMPLETED UC Submitted on  06-04-2018
2015-16 MAJOR RESEARCH PROJECT Dr. ABDUL KHAYUM PINJARI ECE Rs.3,00,000/- Rs.81,000/- 18-01-2016 F.No-43-308/2014(SR) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 29-11-2018
2013-14 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT Dr.M NAGAPHANI SASTRY ME Rs.2,50,000/- Rs.30,000/- 08-04-2014 No.F MRP-4555/14 (SERO/UGC) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 29-03-2016
2013-14 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT M. SRINIVASULA REDDY CE Rs.2,25,000/- Rs.35,000/- 08-04-2014 No.F MRP-4556/14(SERO/UGC) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 27-01-2020
2013-14 RPS Dr. K. SURESH REDDY ECE Rs.5,20,000/- 18-07-2013 Ref No. 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS(POLICY-1)5/2013-14 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 04-11-2016
2013-14 UGC – Research Awardee Dr.GANDLA SANKARAIAH ME Rs.12,59,160/- 02-08-2014 No.F. 30-71/2012(SA-II) Ongoing
2012-13 RPS Dr.H.RAGHAVENDRA RAO ME Rs.17,50,000/- 28-11-2012 Ref No. 20/AICTE/RIFD/RPS(POLICY-1)23/2012-13 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 06-02-2017
2012-13 MODROBS Dr. N. KASIVISWANATH CSE Rs.13,00,000/- 20-06-2012 Ref No. 8024/RIFD/MOD-31(Pvt.)/Policy-IV/2011-12 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 03-12-2013
2012-13 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT Dr.IBRAHIM HBS Rs.5,000/- Rs.35,000/- 26-03-2012 No:F.MRP-4363/12 (MRP/UGC-SERO) COMPLETED Grants Returned to UGC on 19-04-14
2012-13 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT Dr.T.RAMACHARI HBS Rs.5,000/– Rs.35,000/- 26-03-2012 No:F.MRP-4362/12 (MRP/UGC-SERO) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 21-11-2015
2012-13 MINOR RESEARCH PROJECT E.SANGEEVA RAYUDU CE Rs.55,000/- Rs.25,000/- 26-03-2012 No:F.MRP-4361/12 (MRP/UGC-SERO) COMPLETED UC Submitted on 26-12-2014
2011-12 RPS Dr.M.C SOMASEKHAR REDDY HBS Rs.15,60,000/- 03-02-2012 Ref No. 8023/RID/RPS-14/Pvt(II Policy)/2011-12 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 19-01-2015
2011-12 RELEASE OF GRANT IN AID for EDCell G. SURESH KUMAR ME Rs.3,00,000/- Rs.2,00,000/- 30-12-2011 F.No.RIFD/EDC(7)/2011-12 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 14-07-2015
2011-12 RPS Dr.J.V.GURUMURTHY CE Rs.4,15,000/- 09-12-2011 Ref No. 8023/RID/RPS-34/2011-12(Pvt.) COMPLETED
2009-10 MODROBS T. CHANDRA SEKHARA REDDY CE Rs.7,00,000/- 13-01-2010 No.:200-21/FIN/2001-2002/503/1943 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 30-01-2012
2009-10 MODROBS Y.CHAKRAPANI ECE Rs.8,40,000/- 21-12-2009 R.No 8024/RID/BOR/MOD-9/2009-10 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 27-02-2012
2006-07 MODROBS B.SREENIVASA REDDY ME Rs.10,00,000/- 05-06-2007 F.No:8023/RID/BOR/MOD-9/2006-07 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 29-03-2008
2005-06 MODROBS D.SUBBARAYUDU EEE Rs.7,50,000/- 08-03-2006 No.:200-21/FIN/2001-2002/764/1694 COMPLETED UC Submitted on 25-04-2008



S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Dept. Project Title Financial Assistance Required in Rs.
1 Dr C. Harinatha Reddy EEE Virtual Reality in Education 1,80,000/-
2 Dr H. Raghavendra Rao ME Development of films using composites with New Natural fibers 2,20,000/-
3 Ms. M. Chaitanya ECE Smart Gadget for Women Safety using IoT 35,000/-
4 Dr E. Sanjeeva Rayudu CE Solid Waste Management for GPREC Campus 3,20,000/-
5 Dr. G. Eranna HBS IoT based Ammonia Gas Sensor: Detection, Study and Evaluation 50,000/-
6 Dr D. Kavitha CSE Development of an early warning system for At-risk students prediction and systematic proactive intervention in a course 80,000/-
7 Dr C. Sreedhar CSE Predicting the Severity in Diabetic Retinopathy using Machine Learning. 50,000/-

Research Centre Recognition :
The management, knowing the importance of R&D has been magnanimous to sanction necessary funds for Research and Development. The college has research centres recognized by JNTUA, Anatapuramu in which faculty and students from various institutions outside the college besides the faculty and students from this college who are interested in enhancing their qualifications by registering for their research degrees.

The disciplines in which research centres have been set up are:

1. Civil Engineering
2. Mechanical Engineering
3. Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
4. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
5. Computer Science and Engineering

Scholar Details :

S.No Name of the Scholar Enrolment No. Date of Enrolment Topic Name of the Supervisor Work Status
1 N C Sandeep 13PH0322 01/07/2014 Studies and Comparison of the Properties of Natural Fibre and Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Bio Composites D. H. Raghavendra Rao Awarded
2 J. Balakrishna 13PH0214 01/07/2014 Performance Improvements of the Dual Inverter Fed Open End Winding Five Phase Induction Motor Drives Dr. T. Brahmananda Reddy Ongoing
3 Poornima 13PH0525 01/07/2014 Security Mechanisms for Data management and Accessing for Hybrid Clouds Dr. N. Kasiviswanath Awarded
4 Kisan Ajay 14PH0431 02-05-2015 Scalable and Robust Burst Scheduling for Optimal Switching in WDM Networks Dr. K. Suresh Reddy Awarded
5 N. Anantha Krishna 14PH0324 15-04-2015 A Treatise on Alchemy of Ancient Materials and Casting Process Dr. Y.V. Mohan Reddy Awarded
6 B. Mallikarjuna 15PH0234 01-06-2016 Optimal Solution for Economic and Emission Dispatch with Renewable Sources using Different optimization Techniques Dr. Y. V. Siva Reddy Ongoing
7 Lakshmi Prasanna 15PH0526 01-06-2016 Improving the Performance of Data Centres in Wireless Networks Dr. S. Zahoorul Haq Ongoing
8 A Ravi Theja 15PH0118 01-06-2016 Development of Macro Mechanical Model for High Strength Concrete Dr. T. Chandra Sekhar Reddy Submitted
9 M Jayalakshmi 16PH0432 03-07-2017 Robust image De-Noising in Biomedical Applications Dr. S. Nagaraja Rao Ongoing
10 P Venkateshwar Reddy 16PH0330 04-07-2017 Process Parameters Effect on Tube Hydro Forming Process Dr. B. Veerabadra Reddy Awarded
11 B Gururaj 16PH0226 05-07-2017 Real Time Implementation and Controller Design of Power Electronics of Electric drive Technology in hybrid Electrical Vehicle. Dr. K. Srigowri Ongoing
12 J Jayaprakash Reddy 16PH0124 06-07-2017 Evaluation of Seepage Analysis and Control Measures for Earthen Dams Dr. B.J.S Varaprasad Submitted
13 L Neelu 16PH0526 13-07-2017 Managing Interconnected Devices by Enhancing Software Metrics Dr.D.Kavitha Ongoing
14 K Madhurima 19PH0321 16-09-2020 Characterization, Parametric Modelling and Optimization of Additively Manufactured and Heat Treated Aluminium Alloy Component Dr.K.Devaki Devi Ongoing
15 R Rohit 19PH0214 17-09-2020 Design and Analysis of Photovoltaic Inverter with Extended Input Voltage Range and Harmonic Distortion at Different Operational Condition Dr.G.Kishor Ongoing
16 G Sulakshana 19PH0507 17-09-2020 Machine Learning Based Approach for Energy Efficient and QoS Enhancement in Wireless Sensor Networks Dr.K. Govardhan Reddy Ongoing
17 Jalagadugu Anusha 19PH0437 06-11-2020 Precise vlsi-fpga Architecture for AI based Adaptive Filters using LMS Algorithm Dr.S. Nagaraja Rao Ongoing

Research Consultancy Department wise

Name of the experimental setup Contact person for consultancy
Universal Testing Machine (INSTRON Made 3369) Dr. H. Raghavendra Rao
Wear Testing Machine (Ducom Made) Dr. E. Venugopal Goud
Thermal Energy Storage System Dr. R. Meenakshi Reddy
Diesel Engine Dr. R. Meenakshi Reddy
FFT Analyzer Dr. P. Harishanker
CNC Machine and Lathe with Dynamometer setup Dr. E. Venugopal Goud
Stir Casting Machine Dr. E. Venugopal Goud

Research publications during the last three years

No . of Publications

Department 2019-20 Total
CE 02 06 17 25
ME 05 29 04 38
EEE 05 16 19 40
ECE 04 56 02 62
CSE 02 42 03 47
HBS 0 08 01 09
Total 18 157 46 221


No . of Publications

Department 2018-19 Total
CE 3 7 34 44
ME 5 50 26 81
EEE 4 23 19 46
ECE 2 42 6 50
CSE 35 19 54
HBS 1 3 7 11
Total 15 160 111 286


No . of Publications

Department 2017-18 Total
CE 3 14 32 49
ME 63 45 108
EEE 2 13 9 24
ECE 3 17 25 45
CSE 27 03 30
HBS 4 1 10 15
Total 12 119 140 271
Department Patent Title Status Application No.
Mechanical Engineering Automatic Laptop Lid Closing Device Published 201841005231A
Drink ware Capable of Storing Thermal Energy for Longer Period Published 202041011191
Fuel Flow Measuring Device Published 201841038007A
An Apparatus for Atmosforming a Work Piece Into a Product Complete application Filed 202041020050
A Bluetooth Based Thermal Scanner And Data Montoring System Provisional Filed 202041028295
Energy efficient Dry Cooling System for Thermal Power Plants Filed 202141000668
Electrical and Electronics Engineering A Bluetooth Based Thermal Scanner and Data Monitoring System Provisional filed 202041028295
Wearable Safety devise and a method to operate the same In Process 201941042830
Drink wear capable of storing thermal energy for longer period Published 202041011191
IOT based self ozone generated vegetable and fruit washing machine Filed  


A sewer  Monitoring and controlling system and a method to operate the same Filed 20194104283
Electronics and Communications Engineering A system for managing power conductors Filed 201841042218A
A Bluetooth Based Thermal Scanner And Data Montoring System Provisional Filed 202041028295
A Novel Method And System For Human Action Recognition Using Difference Dept Motion and Convolution Neural Network Published 201941054742
Upper Limb Movement Detection On Using EEG Signals & Hybridized Neural Network Published 202041024282
Computer Science and Engineering A Smart Comb with Machine Learning Published 201941001280
Vital Monitoring device for kids Published 201941002083